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Expert Optimal Fanduel Lineups

We have a tried and tested system for picking winners in daily fantasy sports and are now sharing our line ups with you.  

If you need a fanduel account click here to sign up and get a free deposit bonus and 1 week free of our NBA or MLB line ups.

Here is exactly what you get:

  1. An email with a lineup to play on fanduel any 1 day that you choose guaranteed to be emailed to you 1 hr before game time or your money back. Or you can choose another day to use the line up. If fanduel is running late games  or early only games you will also get a line up for that as well.
  2. We do all the analytical work. We’ve created a detailed spreadsheet to perfect our method for picking the best players to select from each day using advanced metrics. Then we wrote an algorithm and created a program that uses the players salaries and our fantasy projections to give us the highest possible projected line up. Your job is to plug in the lineup, win and enjoy!
  3. We aren’t going to make any promises on what % you’ll win on that night. We will promise you a few things though.
  • We have put thousands of hours into perfecting our system.
  • Our lineups on average win at a 63+% clip.
  • We are also playing these same lineups everyday and earning a decent living. Our method is proven.

These lineups will work with both tournaments and in H2H (Head to Head) match-ups. We also have discounted price options for weekly line ups and a monthly subscription price as well. See Below for more details.

***Disclaimer: There are many factors that go into winning at daily fantasy sports each day and we can not guarantee that you will win the day or days you choose to use our line ups. Last minute player scratches and in game injuries do happen and are impossible to predict. If you were to play our line ups everyday for a month they avg winning between 63%+ of the time and do very well regularly in tournaments as well.

**You can also follow us on twitter and visit our website for more information on last minute changes to the days line up.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

**Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products we will work with you to resolve or issue a refund.

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